Barnaby Rudge

Barnaby Rudge – Northumberland Theatre Company

Thursday 12th October 7.30pm                                                                             

A story of mystery and suspense which begins with an unsolved double murder, goes on to involve conspiracy, blackmail, abduction and retribution and features Grip, a talking pet raven! As London erupts into riot, fathers and sons become opposed, apprentices plot against their masters, there are violent clashes on the streets and Barnaby Rudge struggles to escape the curse of his own past.

With its high drama, strange secrets and ghostly doublings, Barnaby Rudge is a powerful blend of historical realism and ‘grotesque’ melodrama, imagined through Stewart Howson’s unique interpretation: this will be NTC at its physical and Gothic best!

Age Guide: 13 years+

T: £12 • C: £10 • U16s: £7.50